The second novel is in progress

imag0508_1And I’m sort of keeping the subject matter under wraps for now.

What? You want clues?

Okay, it’s related to football. And as there’s going to be a bit of historical detail involved I’ve been  poking around in the archives of the National Football Museum. Thanks to the staff there, I’ve been able to read some incredibly sexist football mags from the late 6Os and – shock! horror! – Joe Striker’s missus was actually allowed to drive his Jag!

It’s early days for this project, but I know the direction I’m heading in and have about 30,000 words written. Of these about 29, 975 need a good edit, but that’s okay. I enjoy editing. It’s how you make things sing and dance. Or in this case, how I get the ball in the back of the net.

Novel number 1


I’m still patting myself on the back for completing the first novel. I’ve written this as part of an MA programme, and the academics are currently ripping it to shreds and daubing it with red ink (A pessimist? Possibly, but let’s see what they say).


Once, I’ve got some feedback, I may tell you more.

Other projects


Red pens ready for the critic within


There is always something on the go. I’ve a stack of short stories, some annoying scraps of poetry, journals, rants and raves, notes, opening paragraphs, morning pages and ideas scribbled on the back of receipts and bus tickets.

When they taught me to read, they unleashed a voracious appetite. I read everything (and still do). When I started to write, the words spilt out again. That’s why you’ll find the nutritional content of cornflakes sneaking into stories and rhyming couplets containing conditions of carriage …