I don’t count, they think I’m a joke,

the only girl with all these blokes.

But I’m listening and I’m learning,           

reading everything concerning

the beautiful game.

I follow 5Live and TalkSport

and I know who’s been sold and bought,

who’s on the bench, who’s injured

and who’s the fastest winger in

the beautiful game.

I want to share my opinions.

Was that striker worth his millions?

Should that goal be disallowed?

Was the trouble from the crowd at

the beautiful game?

I’m never gonna get heard:

a girl and football – how absurd!

To think that I could care who wins

or know the rules that underpin

the beautiful game.

And yes, I know the offside rule,

don’t treat me like a bleedin’ fool

‘cos, these days, hear what I’m saying:

us girls are on the pitch and playing

the beautiful game.